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We love to bring your story, your passion, and your project to life. When you work with us, you get our focused level of service from start to finish; collaborating with you from concept to design to final product. There are no nameless faces, or computers, working behind the scenes on your project.

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We are a detailed, professional, and personalized branding opportunity. With ready to buy logos or custom bespoke brand options, we provide you with tailored solutions that will help you tell - and sell - your story. 

For custom branding projects, we work together to dive deep into your business details, uncover your vision, and pursue pretty. You’ll come to us with fluid ideas and leave with a solid action plan. With all of our branding options, you can use the final elements for multiple end uses as you wish - in marketing materials, as website content, on social media, and for other printable goods.

Investment: starting at $1000.00


You’re probably thinking “what do I get?”

Custom Logo Design

Branding is the like a hand shake or first impression. One that has your potential customers looking and leaving them scrolling for more… all the way to the buy button. We’ll create a custom brand that draws your audience now - and for years to come. 

Color Palette, Typography,
+ Patterns

We are here to make a unique story for your brand. Using catchy color palettes, unique fonts (as well as suggested fonts), and custom patterns you will have a foundation for your brand identity. Keeping your audience in mind, these brand elements will help you stand out.

Marketing Elements

Consistency is imperative for brand trust, and these designs will make sure you have it. Select three:

  • Instagram promo graphics

  • One-page worksheet/pdf (perfect for opt-ins)

  • Icon design

  • Thank you note/cards

  • Packaging design

  • Stickers

  • Business cards

Social Media Profiles

From cover pages to profile images, we have you covered! Your customers will experience your brand cohesively across all platforms.

Brand board

This handy guide will save you countless emails! Whether you need to get inspired by color or reference fonts, this piece pulls it all together in a handy place. If you need help with design or want to color match, simply email this off to your designer or printer.


Even after your new brand is finalized, the team is here to support you with anything else you need as your brand continues to evolve.



While your social media is a virtual intro, your website is an opportunity for continual conversations with your clients. From a simple site setup to a complex design with all the goods and details outlined, we offer a variety of web design options. By laying the framework in Squarespace for a solid online presence, we help establish your place virtually with the opportunity to always build upon the site. We are available to help with updates, but we also want you to have the tools to be able to comfortably maintain your site effectively and efficiently as you grow.

Squarespace fees not included. Client is responsible for domain and/or monthly fees.

the starter

This one page Squarespace website is the perfect place to start if you need a simple landing page for clients. Consider it your online calling card, or mini website, with extra details such as a contact form or newsletter sign up. A perfect opportunity to put up a “Coming Soon” page as you transition into more online content, while maintaining a working and legitimate URL. We apply your branding (think logo, submarks, colors) to stay on brand, without getting into customization and coding. 

Starting at $500.00 // Average Client Cost: $500.00 to $1000.00

the build

Working professionals and small businesses can benefit from a web presence that provides responsive design and promotes internal website traffic. Whether you need a new site or you are looking to polish your existing web presence, this mobile friendly design includes up to four (4) pages of design. We apply your branding (think logo, submarks, colors) to stay on brand, without getting into customization and coding utilizing Squarespace. Websites that require more than four (4) pages will incur a flat fee of 175.00 per additional page. 

Starting at $2000.00 // Average Client Cost: $2,000.00 to $5,000.00

the works 

For businesses with more robust services, products, or information to convey to clients, this package allows for greatest flexibility and brand integration. Perfect for a new business or existing businesses ready to take a step up, we provide basic business setup, including: custom branding, photography, business cards, social media integration, basic SEO rich content, Google Analytics integration, email list setup with client opt-in, and mobile friendly design. Using Squarespace, we apply branding and custom designed content for up to eight (8) pages. Websites that require more than eight (8) pages will incur a flat fee of 175.00 per page.

Starting at $5000.00 // Average Client Cost: $5,000.00 to $8,500.00



Social media should be a solution to reaching clients, not a struggle. We are here to help with efficient and effective social media strategies. We make Instagram intuitive, Facebook flow, and Pinterest perform for your business. From one-on-one coaching & workshops, to monthly planning & full-time social media management, we have a variety of options. Whether you need a break, need a boost, or need to make a bold move online, we’ve got the solutions to your social media strategy needs.



  • Available on-location in Denver metro region or Aspen/Roaring Fork Valley.

  • Available as phone call or video chat anywhere.

  • Minimum of two hours required (recommended length), with maximum of four hours per session.

Starting at $125.00/hour


  • In-person consulting for a group at location of choice.

  • Two-hour minimum (recommended length).

  • No travel fee for Denver metro region or Aspen/Roaring Fork Valley.

  • Travel fees apply for locations not included in travel area.

Starting at $250.00/hour


  • 30 days of Instagram planning in Planoly program for client. (Client must have Planoly program/log-in).

  • Client supplies images.

  • Visually plan, write captions, choose hashtags, and schedule all 30 posts at the beginning of the 30-day period.

  • Client can then post manually or Auto Post throughout the month.

  • No comment responding or referrals.

  • No reporting or analytics, unless three (3) months or more of Monthly Planning is booked for services.

$400.00/month | Set-up fee: $50.00/one-time fee


  • 7 posts per week to Instagram, for a period of one-month total. 

  • If client does not have a Planoly account, we will create one for our use only at no charge.

  • Client supplies images. Reposts and copyright-free images also an option as needed.

  • Up to 4 custom designs created per month (text-based designs).

  • Visually plan, write captions, choose hashtags, and schedule posts for the month.

  • Post to Instagram based on analytics reports for best time(s).

  • Respond to general comments and we refer questions to client.

  • Like photos of the people you follow.

  • Provide monthly reporting with analytics and recommendations at the end of every month.

$650.00/month | Set-up fee: $50.00/one-time fee



Did you know that on average, the About Me page is the most visited page on websites? We want you to not only tell, but also sell, your story. From e-newsletters and website content, to fact sheets and tagline brainstorming, we craft engaging, authentic copy that recipients want to read and act upon. Whether you need to show your clients who you are and what you are about or you have something newsworthy to share, we help you dot every i and cross every t with confidence. When it comes to a dynamic online presence, the details make the difference. 


about profile

Tell, and sell, your story. Up to 400 words, all about you and your business, to show your clients who you are and what you are about. Whether it’s a mix of personal and professional details, or strictly business, this profile will be unique to you. Includes a first draft, and up to two edits. 


Let’s face it, the world is full of questions. Some are silly and some are sensible. We will craft and draft the perfect FACTS & QUESTIONS page for your site. We will cover the asinine and absurd, the legal and the legitimate, and work with you to cover all the bases. Includes a first draft, and up to two edits. 

newsletter content

Words worthy of a newsletter deserve the very best attention to detail. For email marketing, monthly updates, and personal correspondence needs. We will craft engaging, authentic copy that recipients will want to read and act upon. Up to 500 words. Includes a first draft, and up to two edits. 

press release

Making an official statement should be done with every i dotted and t crossed. When you need to announce something newsworthy, the details are in every written word you release. Up to 400 words. Includes a first draft, and up to two edits.

media page/fact sheet

Details can be dreary, but fact sheets can be fantastic business tools. Whether it’s for business, non-profit, individual, or special project needs, we will cover the facts from top to bottom, left to right, outlining your subject/content manner. One page of content. Includes a first draft, and up to two edits. 

website content

Everything in life is in the details. When it comes to a dynamic online presence, the details are in the words. Up to 300 words crafted for your website page of choice. Purchase multiple for several pages of website content work. Includes a first draft, and up to two edits. 

tagline brainstorming

The details in a slogan or tagline for your business can set you well above the others, and help capture exactly what makes your business different. Includes a first draft of suggestions, with up to two edits during the brainstorming process.

business name brainstorming

What’s in a name? A lot. The right name can be worth a thousand customers and goes a long way for substantial success. Includes a first draft of suggestions and available domain names, with up to two edits during the brainstorming process. 

writing - hourly

Have a special project or single item that you need written? Every project includes a first draft, and up to two rounds of edits.

editing - hourly

Need your written content to be reviewed and refreshed? Every project includes a first draft, and up to two edits. 

website proofreading

Is your website up and running, but you need another set of eyes to review the pages or check the links are working? Select the pages you want us to review, or have us provide a custom estimate for a full website crawl and audit. 


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