What is a Brand?

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Good question! And let’s make sure we’re all on the same page, because we’re not talking about a mark on a cattle’s ass. Here at The Hello Co. we define a brand as your visual story. You are probably thinking a brand is a logo in specific colors, and that’s about it. But the truth is, your brand is so much more than just a logo. It is a set of visual elements that are curated to create a cohesive, consistent, and complete narrative.

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Your brand is a story that can be told through everything your audience sees, experiences, and touches. It is how that audience perceives you, and it helps you move fluidly from your written word to the images you share. A brand will help you stand apart and stand out.

What does a brand typically include? We provide the following elements for every brand, whether it is Ready to Buy or a Custom Branding project. These are the brand basics you should always start with, at minimum:

  • Primary Brand
  • Secondary Logos
  • Favicon
  • Brand Mark
  • Recommended Fonts
  • Color Palette
  • Patterns
  • Typography
  • Inspiration Images

A Brand Board should ideally incorporate the items on this list. This one-page reference sheet showcases all the elements we mentioned above and serves as a handy tool when working on marketing, advertising, or social media content. This is our Molly Graham Brand Board:


You can see on this board that all the elements really work together. The colors, the design, the variations on the main brand. And even the honeycomb pattern that carries over from the honeycomb design of the logo. With just a logo, all these other elements would be missing. And most likely, when trying to fill in those blanks, you'd consistently get it different or start to drift from your brand identity.

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In business, a brand is the perception a client has when they think of you, your business, your product, and your services. It clearly identifies your business across multiple platforms. A brand creates a recognizable touch-point. It connects you with your ideal client. And most importantly, it confirms your authority in your business niche, serving as a source of assurance.

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For wedding clients, a brand can seamlessly take you from the Will You? to the I Do! and provide your guests with a cohesive visual experience from start to finish, one that is uniquely yours. Brand elements are used for everything – from save the date cards to flowers to cocktail napkins. A brand board that includes the visual story of your wedding helps in the planning process and takes the guesswork out of decision making. A wedding brand allows you to put your personal touch on everything your guests touch.

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In personal branding projects – whether families, individuals or bloggers - a bespoke brand can not only set you apart, but set a foundation for your values, vision and goals that creates a legacy. Your personal brand will distinguish you as much as it unites you. You can use the elements for various uses - from stationery to monogrammed home goods to stickers on your children’s sports gear – creating an instantly recognizable mark that leaves an imprint on more than just items, but people as well.

Ultimately, your vision should match your values. Think of your branding as not just for today, but for its timelessness. Your business or relationship is growing and building, and your brand should be able to as well. And remember, your brand identity should not only match your values, but your personality.

Now, it’s time to tell your story. What will your brand look like?