What Branding Can Do For Your Small Business

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Without a brand, your business has no anchor. Without an anchor, you’re just drifting. Maybe you are currently drifting from idea to idea or floating from one unfinished project to the next. A cohesive and consistent brand for your business can help you stop the drift and get your business grounded.

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A brand allows you opportunity to say yes and to say no. Say yes to clients, projects, and ideas that align with your core values and vision. And say no to the things that fall outside that defined realm. If this sounds liberating, it is. With a brand, you will not only learn how to say no, but have the foundation beneath you for clients to understand why you are saying no. Which only opens you up to saying yes to what you want to work on.

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A brand clearly defines who you are as a business owner. We used to own a retail shop, selling fine gifts and stationery, and more than one person came in asking if we sold pantyhose!?! Clearly, our brand was not on point because quite frankly, we didn’t have a brand. By defining your business, clients can easily ascertain what you do (and do not) do. And we’re guessing you don’t want to sell pantyhose.

A brand attracts your ideal client. You know who your ideal client is, but without a brand identity, they don’t know that you are the ideal business for them. You don’t want anyone (or no one) knocking on your door. Understand who your audience is and what they need. It’s not just about demographics, but about what your client is looking for in terms of personality, values, attitude, and presentation. Where those two categories intersect is your oh so sweet spot, clearly defined for your ideal client.

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A brand helps streamline decisions. Have you ever stared at your business Instagram account wondering what in the world to post? What image should I use? What fonts for the text-heavy social media broadcasts? What colors? Fear no more. With a brand, you have a one-page cheat sheet, your Brand Board, to streamline the decision-making process for everything creative that goes out your door and on your sites. See the graphics on this post? There was no drawn out process wondering what colors or fonts to use – we’ve already defined those decisions.

A brand gives your business great curb appeal. In a society drawn to visuals more than text, you want to present yourself in good light and with great interest. Think of it like selling a house. You’ll want to pull the weeds, touch up the paint, clean the windows, and clear the clutter. We’ve moved dozens of times ourselves and the house that sells the fastest is always the house that presents itself the best. A defined brand will draw in your clients because your presentation to the world is clear, concise, and cohesive across the board.

Is your business brand anchored or are you drifting?