Three Quick Tips for Growing Your Email List

Three Quick Tips for Growing Your Email List.jpg

We’ve said it once (or twice) before and we’ll say it again: Instagram owns your followers. Facebook owns your friends. What system do you have in place if either of those platforms go down? (Which did, by the way, and the world was equal parts annoyed and happy to be off the grid for a hot minute.) The answer to all this is your email list.

You OWN your website. You OWN your email list. Some reports show that every email subscriber is worth $1-2 in revenue per month. That means 1,000 subscribers could equal $1,000-2,000 in revenue for you. Every. Single. Month.

It’s time to nurture your email list just as you do your social media profiles. But how, exactly? There are many ways, but here are our three favorite tips that you can implement today.

  1. Sign up for an email list management system. Keeping groups in your google email account just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Some of our favorites include Squarespace (for those of you with Squarespace web pages!), Emma, Constant Contact, and ConvertKit. Peek around the different systems, sign up for their free trials, and see what works best for you business.

  2. Add a pop-up to your website. And add a page dedicated to collecting newsletter sign-ups! The pop-up will encourage first-time visitors, or second/third/fourth, to get in on the newsletter goods. By adding a page dedicated to the newsletter sign-up (here’s our example!) you can drive traffic to this page from anywhere outside your site, such as from your website link in Instagram or Facebook.

  3. Add a Call to Action (CTA). The next time you send out a newsletter, write a CTA encouraging readers to forward the email to a friend. Place a large SUBSCRIBE button at the bottom so these new readers can easily get in on the e-news for your next mailing.

Honestly, there are many more ways you can up your email marketing. We say start here. And then let us know what questions you have about email lists! We’re all (eyes) and ears…