Three Permission Slips Every Small Business Owner Needs

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Owning a small business means juggling a lot of tasks and wearing a lot of different hats. And we are not fans of the circus. Day to day operations, plus handling big picture logistics, takes a toll on even the heartiest and most energetic of us. And we know firsthand how hard it is to walk away at the end of the day, knowing there is a to-do list waiting for us tomorrow. News flash. There is always going to be a to-do list. Always. Now take these three business permission slips and give them to yourself. You deserve it.

NUMBER ONE: Do not post to your social media in real time. This is hard to imagine, but practice this and you will find it is so freeing! Snap the image you want and put your phone away. It really is that easy. Then sit down later to edit and craft a caption. What you share on the fly is far less interesting than what you choose to share after the fact. We set aside time weekly to edit and plan our social media content, with the exception of Stories (which we typically post anywhere from 1-12 hours later). For our personal accounts, we often post to our social media 12-48 hours later. By giving yourself this permission slip, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to enjoy the moment in real time! Not with your nose buried in your phone.

NUMBER TWO: Out of office is not only a privilege it’s a right. Step away. That’s right. We just told you to step away from your desk. Whether it’s an hour at lunch, a quick afternoon walk, or a weekend away, your business will survive without you. We promise. By getting out of your day to day grind zone, you open up opportunities to brainstorm, think outside the box, and get some fresh perspective. We’ll admit, this is VERY hard to do. But when we do take time for us, we find ourselves invested even more in jumping back to business with a newfound energy.

NUMBER THREE: Being fluid is OK. Repeat after us: Change is good. We are the Queens of change. We started as a fine stationery and gift boutique, added in welcome bags, moved to a personalized paper goods studio, started printing our own line of custom totes, began offering branding and design services, added in writing services, and now provide social media strategy services. While we don’t operate a brick and mortar business anymore, we are still true to the roots of where we started – we are in the business of helping clients share their story. Our business has evolved over the past 15 years, just as we have. And we are grateful for every change we’ve made along the way. Continually evaluate, be open to adjustments, and make moves as needed to be your best business self.

Now, isn’t that freeing?!

Business StrategyAmy Groom